Sunday, February 19, 2012

"scribal eyeskip"

we need to turn this into cash,
a whole pile of fun you wish you
never had, permanent poetry,
pressure poetry, yosh, random
loners, oarystis, hella bright,
genitalia are not stock components,
feculent, xopilotes, a photo walk,
the money shot, a grubstake,
jacquard, the post-office sit in,
supernova-headed, hokku, haikai,
opening part, kigo, superposition,
skedoodled, solitextual,
pluraesthetic, illumagery,
haikuicry, en’owkin, okanagan
thought, colloidal silver, a
general refusal of work, if you
love something put a stamp on it
and mail it, vortices-of-the-
text, bituriges, ambigat
bellovesus, hire chimpanzees as
copy editors, text without date
location or author, lost four
whole lines due to scribal eyeskip,
get them while they are plentiful,
dibs on susan, dibs on that
money, zennie, nothing marketable,
an ecology slash economy artist,
willing to publish the defaced
version but not the, boue,
corners all hacked off, it’s
a treeway, trade art for war,

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