Friday, February 03, 2012


the mark of venus, my hat is free,
fecebook, some cum loudly, still
all desire, microminiature poetry,
the price of rice, brass door, the
year of the xerox, buffle,
underacheiving more and more
every day, crystal oicle, a map
of the beach, a fragment so
insignificant, flirrup, swiler,
back alley poetic slams, gender
is in constant fluctuation,
throw the book, fern’s hand, the
iron law, ferocious inequality,
fecesbook, hidradenitis, electric
guitar lichen, facewalk, alamut,
simulated high, the original has
a typo, plunder publishing,
lyriku, kernular poetry,
resonance era, we have our own
linotype machine, fluid
identity, love! and that’s an
order, don’t worry we won’t let
you drown, flood the show,
a curious mix of the fake and
the real, number tee, why would
you want me in ohio, mailing
things to yourself, baboon
lock copyright, peletiah, you
can’t put spraypaint over the
postage stamp, am i seeing
skin here, everybody’s got a,

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