Monday, February 13, 2012


nantaise, mexicorn, you can
request as many favours as you
want buddy, playing around with
fire, in what sense is this
beautiful thing not art, year
of the xerox, musilanguage,
hmmmmm theory, bibelots,
fadazines, magazettes, the
colour smegma, generosity
filled the vat, typology means,
a cluster of naked structures,
squatting as a tool, the housing
crisis that exists, housing coop
earns, single room occupancy
hotels, leveled and replaced
with concrete, high end condos,
pulpifier, squatron, snatching
poetry, i know where you live,
working thru empire, the
cannibalization of saints,
this ought to have been in a
different font, wall of words,
staining the paper, paper
furniture, zimt, hud, deal
with these things or let them
go, afk, empty sharp, pose balls,
retire it by bringing it forward,
sing me a melody, bendels,
herald man, put a poem down
on it, airplane as some sort
of creature, the tick the

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