Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"the moshpit of meaning"

the book of contention, single-
handedly responsible for the
breakdown of the social contract,
mix these four substances
together, getting more or less
insane day by day, the showing or
the making, force de frappe,
weltanwesenheit, percusion,
the moshpit of meaning, a culture
of copies, lost pussy, bowerlike
trances, antispastic brachycatalectic
trimeter variation of ionic a
majore meter, interpellation: yo!
shithead!, firstness, the already
read, the not-to-be-read, the
doesn’t need to be read, secondness,
thirdness, a head of time, the
moment spattering, a long
slender poem, androidism,
robotism, get your face out
of my face, we can use this
whatever the hell it may be,
there is only one person in new
york, cute but, lingo gringo,
just ocr it, you can see the
mood of the writer in the text,
kallichoron, thiasos, mathetriai,
moisopolon domos, kapelmeister,
could hardly expect, novio,
qué quiere, borracho, snow
van, cold place to bed down,

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