Thursday, February 16, 2012

photoshopped beauty

the secret aroma, another tiny
special story, wug-men, twenty-five
cent novelty dispenser at kfc,
soplegar, breath-tower, spot the
difference and ignore it, permanent
two thousand and nine, distributed
identity, she is the worst nightmare
of your dreams, another day you
led me astray, you called it
university but you meant universality,
dorkbot, fauster, photoshopped
beauty, displaced individuals,
irrepetition, eruptition, beneath
the concrete in the cemetery,
rebozos, tlaloc, pendejo, north
of the future, reading stations,
deambulation, radical putting-
into-question of art, noem, a
gender op, orientation sim, expand
yer herizons, neko, gorean, fae,
garuda, cd easily happen, just
ignore the grease stain, without
the reader the writing is nothing
right?, bed down on concrete,
calling attention to your face,
lus mór, aerphost, nobody looks
at things the way you look at
things, allagash, local
eighty-eight, a new batch of
fluxus, fluk-suhs,

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