Tuesday, February 07, 2012


little girl with gun, strictly from
hunger, draft autosaved, mailfrog,
everybody wants free shit, didn’t
make no forty grand, keep a penny
in your account, graph your
consumption, the bleeding rock,
manner of opening, scrap art, this
used to signify money, you have
to be black, memorize the numb,
crimson billows, nothing is
flying, you can tell by the feel,
agb, spirale, only in it for the
face, cowbog, necrosodomy,
rekitei, logy, energy work,
splitheads, greenscreen, you
could have written it legibly,
sophrosyne, except for a couple
of hours, double chat, fafsa,
databends, orange plastic,
still some shit that needs to
flow, nodding here, stretch
yourself beyond the sixty-four
millimeters, the blank that
will never get filled, perfect
size for a one-size-fits-all,
zen fin, do you have any
interest in this, it looks like
a lamp to me, it looks like a
curtain, salt holes, the
company of all, you want nothing,

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