Sunday, February 26, 2012


you obviously have no intentions
of ever visiting the website,
paoli, soignée, swan yea, hold
the poem underwater, arts
labourer, bromantic, your circle
of care, take it to fair’s fair,
coffee with a littly, social
housing or nothing, brokertalk,
inside the squat, blog? what is
blog?, ongoingnesses, juxtaphor,
tapinosis, istoria, jook, art cult,
kwan yin, manhattan hats, pop
a coin, hypomanic, ammunition
hat, microlabour, surrism,
upstairs at the persian, sky boxes,
nightshifter, prim eyes, well we
might have to retreat, dug a
little too deep, loonie left
activism, squatted social
centre, non-hierarchical
social organisation, make more
errors, where’s my chunk of the
pie?, well yes we had to cut
a few corners, why should i
let you have all the good shit?,
the red will probably go black
on you, derivé is the word,
oh could we get this with a
little more resolution please,
a lot of poetic continuation,

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