Sunday, February 05, 2012


flux them, the stamps are gummed
on the front, dust as art, as a run
of three, gout the twenty-first,
american leishmaniasis, let’s go
back to the futurists, looking
for clues in the chaos, i would
have liked to see the way it
was rejected, the raised letters,
united penny, is an arrow a word?,
mere blue with a word, you cut
off my org, one is smashing the
state, five million hearts,
mattercaster, i hate opening pdfs,
follow all leaders, the last of
the green x’s, detritus art, fly
it like the freak flag, with the
addition of a single tiny word,
where the hell did you come up
with five grand, location depends
of, my first light bulb, the
urgency for cupcakes, all one
desires is a face, dart or d’art,
no this is not an ess, natalie
would, brass door lake, these
phrases are not worth saving,
mahavira, malebolge,
radioactive furniture, wei
kei sei jaku, momentaneity,
cante jondo, concrete pun,
romaji, namida, kokoro,

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