Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"the first word fuck"

identity performed for financial
gain, twaiku, just go to the
website once so you can say
you’ve been there, nekosexual,
lotita, nondelight, hetero-ish,
nofi, transtromer, merkin, the
difference between allusion and
theft, pandora’s chatterbox,
rejected status updates, copybot,
you could do the simple math,
dad got popped, you never have
any black paper when you need it,
twart, baxbakvalanuxsiwae,
micro-blogging, nerdcore,
creative economy, phasmid,
blip, lovebombing, hamatsa,
a productive flâneur, pango
pango, nwaluk, neuraesthetics,
pelado, the hippie uprisings,
fence art, hey beautiful c’mon
up!, ymmy, yumbo, you’ve been
imped, the first word fuck,
we can hardly wait for the
blank, a booklet of writing,
edition of five, temp fug,
you have permission not to
comply, we need to turn this
shit into cash, the poetry
schtick, you might try
babble fish or,

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