Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"mixed message"

stick with the poetry, taz mania,
new con, seems to have stabilized
at seventy-five oh seven, alienate
yourself from family and
friends, bundle on, lil frag,
nothing is approved, real live
rhododendrons, pick in quotation
marks, banana tax, for you blue,
logladies, post freestyle, yama,
unaneled, euchred, truepenny,
having enough cash, credo quia
absurdam, deafblind, choses
troublantes, anguage,
microminiature sculpture,
assaying one’s spade ever deeper,
environmental arts, o s m r,
was guskst du?, cadou,
agasallos, cadouri, creatur
of habit evah, plenty of
margin for error, five years
is nothing, slt, could be used
as a half or a whole, micro-
pinprick of information, get
is straight or get it bent,
antalis, mixed messages,
this text is best before never,
a junk of art, escape-proof
museum, a rather complex
request, just pretend you are
on the map, soft anartchy,

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