Sunday, February 12, 2012

"catch phrase release phrase"

online bum, we need another avatar,
this text is unavailable, seize it,
the generous clerk, ope the boss is
bake, euro light, the new marks make
the old marks more meaningful,
i’m building me, the actualizer,
eye heart willow, what’s with
all these little dots, allicin,
unsolemnize, penny-pinching perfume
buyers, cultural practitioners,
a history or even a climate,
cath, the era of the concrete
tower, dtes, asa ten, catch
phrase release phrase, crabtown,
digitalspace, onlive, nihilist
voter, text adds to the
confusion, if you feel the
need to increase the point size,
noreg, a brain and an eye, mmix,
jesus with a doll’s head, a
new copy of an old piece of
paper, hot off the press zyne,
twenty-four page booklet, not
a bad little week’s work,
colour always comes as some-
thing of a surprise, don’t worry
you still have copyright, the
same the same the same the
different, the variations, now
we are back to the same again,
and again, copy or original?,

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