Monday, February 06, 2012

"hook a canook"

video mashing, we are not letting
the text go afterall, hook a canook,
hot bot, we’d be curious to know the
exact place and time of the
composition of this text, lian-li,
firewire, you are failing to consume,
shack! mail, get paid for clicking!,
ell-shaped bits of paper, these
little doo-dads are perfect,
hap-crazy, niqab, fluway, virtual
neurotransmitters, desideration,
multigenderal recognition,
maresy doats, duplication
causes a problem, potlatch not
potluck, check it thru the window,
bits of paper large enuf for
haiku, reduplication causes
more problems, matrix mix art,
the place where things are
playing out, van eigem, shoyu,
sausan, sansui, technostructure,
office of economic opportunity,
chingado, jefe, enclitic, la
mordida, fluxus penny, alte
rheinbrücke, concrete poetry
haha, one way it makes a clown
the other way it makes a devil,
an obvious fool, i see nothing,
various forms of address,
nobody calls me donald,

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