Saturday, April 28, 2012

"economusees" & "masaccio"

arbeitswelten stahl, the doc
from one project needs to be
documented in the next, hand-
colour childishly, never it has
happened to think to you, d’aspect
terrifiant, economusees, you
really can’t out create nature,
i would like to see how all
these things are printed, we
never were the priddle family,
irc circuit, did you actually
make this lace yourself, i
remember when you only had
twenty friends, mt william,

zug, need money, mail me some
money, the goddess bran, in ten cities,
is this a bleed or a wash, a
twenty-five cent bill, silk-screen
is like printing money, eye jam
sand cluster, just about the time
you get to the point, scanhappy,
by the time we ever got word it
was too late, art is that which
does not look like art, masaccio,
the black island, we include
here a xerox there a xerox, i
didn’t cut it out i cut it in,
rhwnt, le lieu,

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