Friday, April 06, 2012

"torobayo" & "ptti"

vilca vilca, bazar, oneto, jormar,
agradece, inspector, impreval,
impresores, chiquitin, pasajeros,
compra, helados, panaderia,
expreso viña del mar, especifico,
distance means nothing, money means
nothing, torobayo, kunstmann,
polar imperial, black imp, ley,
becker, desde, escudo, retornable,
elaborada, temuco, cristal,
baltica, quilicura, mallinkrodt,

gecko and gecko and gecko, ihre
aktive, postal money, broke
pencil, you don’t get a lot of
junk mail anymore do you, what
would you want with a fly,
you get to know the hands, sld,
this is so nineteen-ninety-eight,
you drove the poor old man over
the edge, it will cost you an
arm and a leg if you want the
flourish, a little graphic
design will go a long way,
ptti, send some art to the bank,

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