Saturday, April 14, 2012


i think we just about got it obliterated, post no toner, the
seahorse thru the ages, you had to obliterate your love along
with your hate, you might want to highlight the lack of a comma,
golden pearls in your pink ocean, available at a distance work,
a beautiful representation of a catheter, a website in the sky,
is this identity worth saving, we are up over a third, i like this
double register effect, the reader will have to figure out which
way to look at the text, mailed alright, or thenabouts, fcz stands
for, take a moment to touch the bone of the beaver skull, we may
have to return to one-oh-six, digiplums, combine the four,
the value of this text is, identity fishing, poetica continua,
you have a home but you never go there, catheter cathexis,
poetry must be made by all period, teletrance, sat shit ananda,
self-motivated propagandist, golden pearl motel, mindless splitting,
revert to your kindergarten signature, dig deep dig deep, nth
generation copy as an original, it's all about the seahorse now,
the very molecular reality, by focus on hate, and do you ever get
anything in return, job of temp,

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