Thursday, April 05, 2012


logotheft, belle the cat, faustbook, no matter what you say it
will make zero difference, pleasant dad, nothing commercial, gulab
bescherellia, say it in canadian, eh?, che ese, i can see why
you would say that but, the evolution of the seahorse continues
a-strut, blissfully word-free, the btot, this is the one we thot
but, replicated doodles, halfway to heaven, library fish, never
looked too mush as the inside, aproof, we're going down to one,
sit turning up playing cards, fancy butcher, paper impregnated
with acid, nobody wants to hear about your anus, the meaning
is psychedelic, pleasant splotch, the author of us all, meme art,
nothing spiral, spent money on moss, gulab-blur, say it ti yas,
canadian zero cent stamp, when is one ever seven, you are diving
down into the underworld, hand-washing the hand, this blot
represents you, this seahorse represents you, you can use the
blank or the black for your message, look at the blot and ignore
the non-blot, once said peace, you want to give the joy back to
from whence it came, this is the black and white version of,
note these are punctures, personally hand-washing the dishes,
in the copy the collage elements are more coherant?, h, this
doodle is going down on your permanent record, eighty cents is
a small price to pay for such beauty, you like to hide a little
bit behind the arras, nice enuf to put on the wall at an art
gallery, a temporary job of work,

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