Monday, April 09, 2012

"genizah" & "bert rocket"

art always wins, prims and sims, crash report, members took a
vow to live substituting themselves for someone else, flashdance,
revealed my sex, genizah, trance lunary, sedulously clustering,
limba romana, improperty, éraflure, matei voievod, hors champ
at espace, the exotic close to home, artiface, nostalgic kitch
versus melancholic kitch, letherium, always remember to forget,
the torhamvan wreck, the homeless mind, remember the future,

never thank someone in advance,
oh, i did do it!, fingerprint
identification, sooner or later we
will win thru, get your grubby hands
all over the art, slip sleeve, serie,
bert rocket, but putting a bullet-
hole in the text, medecine hat
sans frontiers, you wanted me to
be there for you then but, sick
of evolving, spent ticket, sweet
time, mark the book with wine,
let’s think of each other as
friends, bouffant terrible,

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