Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"juicinda" & "enola alone"

pink ocean, in pass of becoming, i
have to take an egg course, pulpani,
juicinda, palustrella, unsecond,
highlander grog, interesting
transition, self-unloads,
stegonia, pleckaitis, suddenly
you are on the other side of the
continent, slime canal, grave
hepatic, mahonia mahonia,
payap, impressive evidence of
confusion, four point nine miles
west of paradise in roadside
ditch, cotylimes, samphire,
frost boils, venison tickle,

microfiche literature, allt nan
caorach, trunco erecto ramoso,
can’t be sure without destroying
specimen, calypo geejaw, computer
reality, life is not long enough
to take such intense interest in
objects in themselves so little,
this is the hand of a girl, axenic,
mosshungry two-eighty-eight, the
cloud of unknowing, gospel-hump,
thrust faults, nothing is too good
for me, enola alone, kulchur
chrome, self-unemployed,

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