Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"tchesinkut" & "yezoana"

pink ham notch, notebookmark, day
one, these little notebooks are rich,
you think you’re smart when you’re
a kid, let’s not refresh our
memory, whether we saved it or
let it go it’s all lost now,
elliot creek head, were you only
kidding when you informed
me, pull yourself together or
pull yourself apart, alp ine,
tchesinkut, skins dome, three
species of anomodon, gatineau,

before i lost the ability to sign
my name, yezoana, self-guided
interpretive loop, anhinga, my
balance is upside-down, in a foul
liquor trance, avoid mail
disruption, car sauv b, ten years
ago you were at zero, today you
are at zero, ten years to the
moment, there’s a funny name for
these twenty dollar bills, six
sixty-six o’clock, penny graph,
tulle v, nothing to pay, where
did you get the dough, every
transaction is a desperate one,

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