Sunday, April 15, 2012

"trance methods" & "chase manhattan down"

okay you’ve got seven hundred
dollars what are you going to do
with it, okay you’ve got two thousand
dollars what are you going to do
with it, you owe fourteen hundred,
you owe fifty, your left nostril is
above water, there is all this
money flowing thru this city and
you can’t have any of it, merry
christmas: you’re broke, you can
graph the fluctuations,
trance methods, twat the night
before christmas, account
balance: negative two twenty-nine,

hand-washing the dishes, and you
feel generous enuf to share,
identify the oak, the kids are
flying, pandora and the swan,
the information you need is not
available, no-load, lenox, chase
manhattan down, we don’t need no
validation, the fuckin’ hot line is
broken, life is constructed of
little bits of paper, five cinq
mayo, two hundred dollars cash
in your fist, monk office,
plunk first, splash first, lin
heung, we need to keep these,

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