Monday, April 16, 2012

"gastax" & "boulaya"

you have enough money to have a bit
of fun, sudden evaporation, pay
off your microdebts, gastax,
seven x dollars, passage of particle
thru time, okanogan with an o,
the having and the losing,
chinese sausage, the little bit
that makes it art, the whole
machine is upside-down, paich,
i remember sitting in the car
there waiting for you, a
momentary fluctuation,
which one is the number seven,

netaction, ten years ago you were
floating around zero, pushing the
net, a dime is reasonable, a
hundred whole dollars, street zen,
got love?, buy love, the rate of
flux, is there a decimal in there
i hope, identical except for six
cents, oak copy, antique laptop,
okay you are under, nocoincide,
only spending nothing, a disruption
in postal service, busbill, ship it
collect, red carbon copy,
abelmrv, adhiint, boulaya,
hygrolembidium, personiellinae,

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