Sunday, April 22, 2012

"tza kch kang" & "aligote"

gulab jamin, why were you eating alone, smak aero, keep an eye on your bank account, this speck of money, batch numb, was this one of those days we, nearly identical days, all of a sudden cash, topopos, living high, you can’t survive for long on that pile of cash, coulee dam credit union, republic washington, just don’t buy any gas, coin for tune, tza kch kang, yates, oswego, out of the liquor loop, charred things, personalvision, enfalac, van pol, stew rtber, was this a typical, rid yourself of your money, six photocopies, cash head, tempted to buy some electronic files, bread and cereal is bread, versatellers, aligote, foul bay road, enveloo, an interesting figure, you only need to spend nickels and dimes, next step powder, chckn, wonder what ears, shawnigan, the summer of ninety-eight, area of non-blur,

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