Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Day-Glo post" & "versement échu"

golden pearls, it’s good money
if you can hack the boredom,
scholochloa, dynamite lodge,
must for the shelf, bryophyta
exciccata, species problems,
mothiple, obi giro, dayglo post,
copy slash copies, it’s the things
themselves that are the true
delight, is the hattori still
going, oh you can see what got
cut, remove all question marks?,
aylard beechey creyke, people
come out to see the show of
force, before your identity died,

hender, reaction speed balance,
take some chemicals out of the
chemical bank, ten years later you
put the book to use, you went
shopping at an emporium, this
is your monitor lizard, versement
échu, ader dater, i hope i paid
that, i’ve got the receipt that
says paid, ne rien écrire, do not
send unless paid in full,
sink the mayo, you bought two
tickets but you went alone,
eye elect, remember motel,

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