Thursday, April 26, 2012

"ben jelen" & "san pedro de atacama"

sensipur superba, doctor all, these stamps were obviously cancelled beforehand and on different dates, a blue moon cap, there’s nothing quite as real as paint, ben jelen, blogg, you had a chance to seize a book, please don’t try to sell me nothing, just another reason to spam people, now here is a moment we would like to be able to return to, there are a few variations in the list, the artist does not speak english, no i will not answer to hammarstrom, ashoka, scream coaster, no no there will be no change, lotr, nine billion surplus, can i publish this insane scribble, esroc, destroy the earth funnies, nova lux, kina, theory of having control, no more hot lunch, toconao, esmalte, katia aguirre, la serena, recaudación, san pedro de atacama, artesania, irarrazabal, churrasqueria, el parron, pago de dinero,

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