Sunday, April 08, 2012


the toner blot is slowly but surely obliterating everything,
the message is the movie is over, nature just keeps on evolving
no matter what happens, loose toner, would you mind taking this
crap back?, mudwolf, yell ell, either way it's going to be a
problem, wait wait let's back this text up, gar field, all
three of yuz were doing the same thing forty years ago, not afraid
of anysort of communication, march fifteen or thereabouts, zine
zyne zign zing, yush, this is going to cause a bit of confusion
at some point down the road, but, here we are at the originals,
did i say this or did the paper say it?, nanton china, am i my
brother's greifer?, eye before e except after fuck you, the
book of homelessness, the secret aroma of the fluxus, i vividly
remember this tiny scrap of paper, postmarked hell, splatter
a line, the only thing keeping this text alive is the reader,
pinweep, let's take a look at this from all the angles, nice
little constellation of toner dots, me and my bright ideas,
one can hardly wait until this memory is obliterated, there is
no up or down anymore, i'd like to see the whole run of the
evolution of the toner seahorse, now we can only see with our
mind's eyes, minds', mindses,

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