Friday, April 27, 2012

"litsprune" & "zen madonna"

colour texture no words, tranvia, beautiful breast attacked by cancer, papersprawl, nothing tender, not even one night off in twenty years, the hypertext king, this text is probably hilarious, litsprune, suddenly fascinated with breasts, you never followed the directions, so you get a bit of time, are you able to pinpoint your self, must have some sort of arrangement with the post office, can’t you fold a bit of paper, how the addresses, fuck don’t fight, it’s not the world that’s sick it’s you, could you do me a who’s who sheet, le nid de fourmis, an envelope full of water, it was a molecule that drove you insane, zen madonna, prescrit, five cents for this bit of paper, loi, delightful soft and mellow, make beautiful women send me rolls of stamps, fifty dollars a pop eye, if you don’t like something just put a stamp on it and mail it,

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