Saturday, April 07, 2012

"neathnet" & "fiddledead"

debo irme, whatever method you use
to get colour down onto paper, heart
star, an example of usage, internetty,
you just need to install these
fonts, got fonts if you want ‘em,
things we did together when you
were, the only part that is real
is the postage, you don’t like me
anymore do you, neathnet, i dunno
about any birthday, the artist
is dying, pass to all, stealing
the network, fripsmail, still in
the same network, oldest
living son,

you can try to love, money mandate,
suddenly you are in jail, it cost
you a pretty penny to communicate,
lsd fund, your local radio
station, before you give up all
hope, the logo is better left
in situ, enuf with the dues already,
fiddledead, great barrington,
strange backward communications,
swg, never ever found an in, in
with all, a rubberstamp that
says forget, sudden evaporation,
havlickuv, glad bats, is way?,

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