Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"takamina falls"

if you look at it from the back you can see a happy face here,
you need some sort of message though, the seahorse is the
message, toner anarchy, oh i've seen that sign before, we
can't have all this typing here, sfw arc, semolina pilcher
king george, speedwriting, sell cuddling, well it's an
electronic typewriter but, hand holding dead hand, why can't
you bother with perfection?, you can see it as an ell if you
insist, gar thirty-seven, it's secretly red, it might be years
if you entrust it to, point out your own errors, is it possible
to erase something in such a way that it will be truly forgotten?,
a hammering wall of text, detorne billboard, reach out and touch
nothing, her hand on you, glue tape whatever, and electro-jack,
you have property to sell, go live up at calling lake, please
indicate your contribution, it ain't much so don't be afraid to
let it go, takamina falls, king george the fifth, arc of the hand,
do you consider yourself white, meditate on beauty, metal nothings,
replace love with meditation, better buddhas, the copies come off
the machine faster and faster, the evolution speeds up, hitting
the toner wall, grudge nothing, falling all aside, the paper has a
certain texture that signifies, the paper has a certain ‘temperature’
to the touch, they look like ones but,

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