Friday, April 20, 2012

"gnomery" & "suck sessions"

work this, the year of the humming, there never were no such people as me and you, nuke wart, ceic, gnomery, sir central index, shangri la lake, lsd news, cfn, foer, otus asio, on on on, you as part of you two, need a po, druk drug, an extension of the nursery, mo bot, foundation of the spirit, swg, phlar, taunus, ogle logo, selling shit to suckers, try to learn fast enough, all this paper seems so old fashioned, amager, there was a timeblank, yellowsward, big pink erratic, agrestia hispida, normie brown’s mountain, cinnamon tuba, soft borders hard borders, dangling o’rielly, some chick, indigo milk, zeichentubus, are you paying attention or not, cacotopia, mind if i join you?, da dee qua cha, penicillopepsin, springtime come, big orange clocks, nothing ever happen, today’s message is: text, almond grammar, suck sessions, just for fun, ananda,

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