Sunday, April 29, 2012

"tyran huppé" & "bent spoon seeks bent dish"

look smart or look stupid,
cumulonimbus mammatus, inglued,
you say you love me but you don’t
mean it, this beauty looks like an
acċident, i love spamletter,
tyran huppé, never say finis,
surveil away, a strip of poems,
fanzi, snap the heart, desire is an
illness, postmodern dada, could
not this insanity be rephrased,
bran cell, hanover what, saint
icker dude, eating banana slugs,
five zero zero zero zero zero zero,

you failed to make a contribution,
surely we could phrase this a
little better, bent spoon seeks
bent dish, e-vocation, there ain’t no
free lunch, it looks like the
perfect little human, the little
joke made you laugh again four
years later, one excellent,
cambridge money, and every hour
until, now you are living in a
beautiful place, judging by
your handwriting, judging by
your typing, eye overlook you,

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