Tuesday, April 10, 2012


dig deeper, the texture of latex, debo vilca, art always wins and
don't forget it, just go straight to the temp, i like it when
it gets to the point that you can't even recognize yourself, we
just like the feel of solid toner, we are having a tough time
obliterating this one, everything that got obliterated as
collateral damage, what can you put?, the copy has no folds,
the writer went into a dream, nonconformist research, reality
effects, we had to do the printing, ells bells, permax, things
can always be unfiled, the glue tension makes the paper crackle,
the date is close enough, fike kopi zzen, shouldn't releve have
some diacritical marks?, nothing lucky, forget time, zine mess,
precious permission, killik, cashwar, anarchypo, formal address,
overlook smart, you could consult a german speaker, if you hate
something set it free, this is a condom, vilca gecko, think to
your son, i fell in love with your avatar, toner totor, note
scotch tape in photocopy, how gack!, how can one glob of toner
make you say yes! while another one makes you say no?, the
natural world wins, these marks were made by the document handler,
just send the guy a fuckin' dollar, art ponzi, you can't knock the
guy, tiny gibble, band name: the close enough doors, what's done is
undone, a rubberstamp that says: no more rubberstamps, just in
case somebody wants to carbon date this at some point in the future,
cartoon psychosis,

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