Friday, April 13, 2012

"isolate flecks" & "kabir"

ece, gold-based nanoparticle
synthese, watch the bottom rise
up to meet you, going under one,
cheese junky, back when a stamp
was only fifty cents, lib-labism,
the nonworking class, kitsch beer,
mixing sugar and salt, vicrose,
copying gallo romaine pottery,
egg shells and oranges, cheap
white labour, moss a louis, the
zero of ecstasy, expandable batons,
isolate flecks, ideological pink,
to ease his head of calculations,
naillie, virtuosity of hammering,
heaps of concrete, a thaw-drop,
i’ll take your hat, john eight three

contacts held in high esteem, social schizophrenia, profuse
otherness, de-traditionalization of the lifeworld, the anti-sleep
league, identity anxiety, a discursive self, a symbolic self,
the social-symbolic self, the constant pressure to rework one's
identity, contain hidden envelopes, the commodification of human
expression, mailism, become your grandfather, i'm about to upload!,
obliscence, persea tree, yaru, concrete nothingness, i think the
printer is intentionally wasting ink, kabir, theravadins, tying
up the computer, sufficiently unemployed, placenta spain,

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