Thursday, April 12, 2012

"mutagenesis" & "calypogeia azurea"

mindless lumping, the mail slot
is under the clock, reciprocal
illumination, i forgot about the
fourteen year old swedish girl,
site directed mutagenesis,
sarcobastic, the day of the blind
tiger, fuimus fumus, night-
swimming, peripheral intensity,
raise skirt to let light in
flower bed, syncline, turgid
thing, sitting lady falls,
let’s go botanizing, ahtiana,
azolla, hairy manzanita, the
happiness of pursuit,

years later the book might come
in handy, fifty envelopes for two
thirty-nine?, red i form in voice,
the new ones are all computer zaggy,
direct deposit of literature, send
your money to orpington, they don’t
even notice they are on a plane,
spirit of van, fresh oil bodies of
calypogeia azurea, it was to be
looked for, my kingdom for a
decent topo map, looks like
somebody was doing a bit of
thinking, immersed in data
analysis, i ain’t no doctor,

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