Wednesday, April 04, 2012

"gkass epistle" & "manyhoses"

bushmeat, moss cushion, fawny chadow, all the mail artists you
can think of, are you building or burning, unpleasant book,
so i have heard, gkass epistle, i'd rather be bored than be
boring, there's no such thing as a liverwort, broccoli spam,
counting paperclips,

sigmax, electricity site, the tone
of the blue, reciprocal harem,
compact-fluorescent light,
the words we us our, do you
know where to stick the postage
stamp, manyhoses, memorable texts,
the machine sent it off in the
wrong direction, here we are on
the far side of already,
six six six interest, because
you were inactive, a canada
wide warrant, electronic
documents act, pay ray phone,

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