Thursday, April 19, 2012

"telkwa" & "quatro-pro"

telavail, the text has faded beyond easy legibility, antique chargex receipts, does this say book or rock, the breast by, telkwa, the interior of this envelope is fascinating, i think we should get a designer and change the inside of our envelopes, i’d like to get these other fascicles of moss specimens, this old kind of glassine prints nice, coffee and gasoline, canada’s year of asia, you thot it was money for you, this is the wrong wright, cake caca, a combination of latin and german, zusan, metcho, go the science way, quatro-pro, to reach edge of paper, old man burning, retention patch, a flood of paper from argentina, demolition order, alt trance, the junkyard with the octopus on the sign, the central riddle, red eye form, elizabeth sly, forty-eight wall street, phil esposito, wandering eye, once you subscribe they keep you on the mailing list forever, the image is on the sticky side, you could trance,

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