Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"if homo pouch" & "campus grampus"

canadian ten cent stamp, the good bits have already been culled out, hot line to nothing, post-expiration, fly it into the ground, what do you have to deposit, flying out for the death, you came with me on my birthday, i was broke on my birthday, thirteen thirteen o’clock, we had to make this payment again, seymour street, if homo pouch, you are at zero and you know it, the kinko’s at twenty-four-thirty yonge, this is what we had to do, follow the flux, from key to key, the parasite is always at zero, these are the drops, bite a hand, campus grampus, fly out the noose, this is the moment before, need some cash quick, the national trust, what were you doing in so-and-so, you had to be out moving around in the weather, indicate the one you love, there is only one place money like that could come from, blight on paper, one pork roast, how the hell will you pay, drive zero,

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