Friday, February 06, 2009


you made the error, until the end,
what are they saying about you,
maybe this yellow band, one of
offer limit, what is the most you
can hope from art, three of hearts,
ccgl, one is a don’t, orange tube
tents, coop ham, ixtact, pi-pa,
unempathic, perror will set you
free from repetition, ham lust,
moss crew, xenon atoms lined up
to say zen, repetition compulsion,
planetisemals, a debris disk,
stipendiaries, weazen, slap-bang,
fossil imp, ill fo manger, on the
wrong side of the post, his hat a
favorite snail-promenade,
a polyencephalic entity,
fourteenpenny, a lesbian genital
aesthetic, an eight by eleven
epiphanic lyric, concrete
shifts, the abject, down time
consumption, coming into new
subjectivity, shavetail, wurtzite,
classified cluster of data,
a slave printing construct,
hysteresis, krasis, sphalerite,
greenockite, herewith expelled
from the college, gia, the
shadowy man in the dark hat,
attainted muzhik, happy

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