Sunday, February 22, 2009

"save everything and nothing" & "oka nan ada"

gone birds, body and boogy,
saint effects, words we won’t
be able to make forever,
save everything and nothing,
hom, when your hand is still
strong, which way is the
money flowing, hot horn,
unun, nover, positive zero,
here’s a line, white line,
purple origami, what did
we used to do, go to the,
zed light, your name in
gold, name fuel, altered
void, vat of chemicals in
your head, speedball pen,

squib books, buried references,
avail yourself, this is a pipe,
still wiping, a mutter of fuck,
erasing the paths, this is is,
oka nan ada, old new, time race,
still looking, still selling,
who’s doing the talking, an
unbound book, face to face
with the poet, they have
trademarked, still digging,
still breathing, gec co,
fear of cease and desist,
still dead, edition of too
many, how do you count the
days, no variation, still
vision, corrected photocopy,
excheese, init, scripsit, pass
thru, too much light, heart,

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