Friday, February 27, 2009

"carnal praxis" & "writing as a sport"

would you rather this was
typed, type manufacture, a
blue kind of black, card for
mailing, carnal praxis, gatc,
void voici, soufflage de
verse, still carving, doesn’t
everything go airmail, tsn
one gee one, watch out it don’t
fall on you, flying black and
white, space over time, wireless
voodoo, colouring in, arseverse,
local web, at now, time run
backwards, carrying a jug
of milk, two hundred fifty
six gray shades, the listmind,
letters of trance, asana,

you have been refused,
scatter pearls, nothing seems
to come, juyy, still vacuum,
now we have some sort of rat,
annotate annotate, trace
the pen, a drawing of what,
a faint trace of the hand,
take the time to decipher,
writing as a sport, what is
going on, are you putting
me on, museum of colour,
writing on and on stone,
crousing, at all events dot,
still bonding, busy being
online, it’s bad for your
teeth, anon beyon press,

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