Tuesday, February 24, 2009

concrete apron strings

the pattern of sunlight, dud,
reading sports, video stone,
a hundred dollars worth of,
thirty-two thirty-two, big
england, metamix, putaing,
is this a work of art, post
reality, ksista, the flow of
millennia, concrete apron,
graffito reading graffiti,
poor flower, the information
is elsewhere, things that keep,
microtypography, sax lucy,
being concentrated, in a
vein, dune slacks, holcus,
common here but, how to learn
deeply, pleasure dust, knowl,

never get it back, iceland and
panama, just as in the dark,
annotated pohl, the actual
thing, reality wrapped in
paper, teaching material,
whiteside, nice ice, halflife
of rubber, the man that is,
incisa, die cranium die, my
brother ella, bazzania,
herberta, grimmia,
michaux’s eye, as a gray,
mylia, edge of parking
lot, beginning of the dome,

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