Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"slowworms" & "everybody's got their own agenda"

the house of the bricolager,
paid has been put, soft lesson,
forcing you to think about,
sunzine, maz, incontinuity, comp
sites, the hold, still remains
unwritten, you can tell by the
blue line, could still be
continued, slowworms,
zwaarmoedigheid, still this
day, frampold, everything
special, zooz, holding some
sort of line, zense, asanas, a
loose leaf, agakamunda, eight
concrete benches, galata
saray, varol beton,

we got no room for you in our,
proposing decolonization,
rare garbage, warped eye,
still pulling, unintended
audience, everybody’s got their
own agenda, here is where we
enter the picture, where do you
find this junk, moist warp,
ecpyrosis, warp war, faux
fake, uncrumpled, interact
for a while, the same world
we are living in now, actual
event reality, come by mail,
the whole story, in the
event of an event, this is
not my life, resembles a,

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