Wednesday, February 18, 2009


nothing between quotation
marks, nothing about the author,
ice penis, blin, micro-art,
efforts made, more than a
murmer, don’t stop doing art,
now we are there, er here,
passing thru the hat, the
one and only press, this
colouration, in at the end,
wuhay, enemy is a shifter,
prairie resident, ochro som,
uncommon house, has it ever
come, those are ribs, never
actually seen any real art,
preview of the view, outside
contact, still get it strate,

lemon mouse line, distance to
paris, the way we perceive our
location, double impression,
save to disk, no brace, life
clicking by, promice, drink the
ocean, good and rusty, use
the bot, made gold, is it my
eyes or, check the original,
obtain nothing, nobody takes
you seriously, digit eyes,
rearming, final renewal,
poppin’ open, actuall did the
graf, this moment on the
road, hat dot htm, the last
book you ever saw, still a part,
scandalong, rust art, daily
hurdle, salt deposit, digit
manip, hand correct, eye use,

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