Saturday, February 07, 2009


so salty, mail sat, sid ammo, you
don’t need a computer to be an
internet freak, surrounded by
wallpaper, cern, time-torn, zyzzyx,
concrete architecture, supercow,
concrete in current, bootylicious,
slope failure, creation science,
kettlebell, hypnobirthing, base-
jumping, raumatic, concrete prey,
experitry, sunlampwriter, the
room filled up with mosquitoes,
microcord, intemperate hand,
blackiemail, subarachnoid
hemorrhage, wazzock, poeta
fit, bog standard, all a taunto,
a transportable offence, shame
withholding, continua, defense
of honor, one seven oh seven,
nothing confidential, daxing,
letter fall, naar, national
orange, no more water for you,
sonnenberg, pussy copyright,
public enterprise, we always
already have it, anti-morality,
prbbrp, no one else places a
letter like, thw-ip kitikitikiti-
kiti, shouting into your brain,
for what matters, seven seven
seven, the sky is shot, a small
enuf request, obscured by
hat, please let go, shining
seed, include my art in your
art, past glory, one to set free,
which way do we look at it,

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