Tuesday, February 17, 2009


cybermedicine, how it’s made,
town’s end, the tattered old
original, the sens, sandau,
deattach, withheld breath,
alt-message, all here, e-go,
blaunk, antiengines, copyheart,
here’s your days, locomobile,
clip harp e, fröjsta, the
swamp angel is a gun, handmade
insertion, free indirect
speaking, struck thru by hand,
a rope of sand, jewels - five -
words - long, sand runs out of
every being at every seam,
trance work, mocc, unsorted
list, anything fifteen cents,
zenzen pies, something
actually went thru, really
decentralised, the process
of the process,

where are all the people are,
oper: a, pre-vast, no fixed address,
follow no links, paper chain,
index garbage, working out
further, mail daze, days
unnumbered, work at the
limits, hunger event, full to
empty, eye owe, a little cash
to tide you over, new ink, pix
tix, ahadada, exp, never spent,
where’d that went?, in the
fen, please disregard above
text: actual text is:, across
the trance, keep drawing
blanks, commemorative of
nothing, blank trip, snake
investigation, envelope nil,

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