Friday, February 20, 2009

"faux perfection" & "more time between then and then than then and now"

off in the world, nothing
to do with moss, still a
crumb, contaminate
european high-art, ecre, put
a trace on the letter,
shorthand lit, blank state,
site unseen, limit remaining,
the ching of art, volunt
time, item described fully
and accurately, a penny to
ititiate the proceedings,
mightmare, blank is better
and cheaper, zen sky, faux
perforation, now we are at
the end, an image we can’t
forget, envelope bound, hold
out for nothing, cut ‘em out,

reshook, about the time we came in,
in contact with the past, could
be a trim, breif being, almost
mere, forget when exactly now
is, falling together, more time
between then and then than then,
archipelago of skin, artrates,
there are no sheep here, ab-eration,
imp poem super proprose, error
finder, compiler lyric comp-
iler, about the time we were,
that year that is gone, earn
the priviledges, millenial
intoxication, approaches to
the text, the wrong comic,

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