Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"suss yer m.o." & "agagaga"

lost originals, a copy to fly,
do these need to go anywhere,
a home to find, information
trace, rectilinear text, still
perfect, reliable responder,
over-response, get the kids to
play, parent strike, om mo,
trouble finding trouble,
exact bounce, suss yer m.m.o.,
uncopiable impressions,
ary public, how many will
we be needing, copy sign
paper, who’s requiring,
special paper, one to type,
eye escape, from squint to,

shoptalk, we or you, respond
different, rack when ready,
momentary connection, no one
never even e-noon, a day will
come, copy ticket, not strictly
an original, tout all, easily
undesignated, poet’s hockey,
agagag, keeno vee, double up
on, we don’t like your new
direction, bounced back,
faint copy toner, battles
lips, more continuation,
macaroni in the field,
eat a jay, due or do again,
writ see, typical typo,

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