Monday, February 23, 2009

brain fade

stimulating poetry, zero bit,
still drinking, treeless area,
biregional, coyau, what are you
up to now, jac pearl, go for
the zen, hot house, an ear to
the concrete, your drinking
it, refuse designation,
teledisturbance, still drunk,
wear your name, wondered what
it stood for, contact corp,
break that thot, jac – jac,
collect labels, poetry
receipt, take a break,
wrote and gave away, the
empty chair, turn it off,
fun ‘til you puke, toy lit,

trike, outport, red door, an ok
expearience, hissing roach, much
cheaper, blank blue lines,
ice sparks, a fat load of,
temporary money, omeny, the
great plainsex, balance the
booze, imp ecco, run across
the street, tea sun, learn
how to spell, glistening
wax, mass cash, silicon
deterioration, butter art,
unthusiasm, wax sheen,

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