Tuesday, February 10, 2009

give the gift of nothing

writing addiction, lu, what do we
need today, iron city cap, hall
ham sings, hatter soaked, tiny
trancers, otb, the long night moon,
moss-draped black spruce, cluster
of eyes, ent’wäda ooda, arts of uw
apotheker, rixus, biospeleologia,
biré, hatcup, information tonight,
mister mark-a-price, psychological
abuse, is there a body present, put
your energy behind you, give the
gift of nothing, on the cover of
ertavi, loss temporary loss
permanent, difficulté vaincue,
défi, cultural hacking its
experiments, spaceways, corporate
executives like harrisch, the
harsh calvinist ethic, deco rate,
decoin, it is later than you think,
gazing at toner, we did not think
too much of your thot, can we get
a day here,

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