Wednesday, February 11, 2009

autocapitalization on "Dadaistic"

waiting for time to indicate
something, oh we are two alright,
you wouldn’t want to be one with
me, this colour is called green,
be in every room at the same time,
this would be good paper for, how
can we forget we never knew, is
this not mere spam, stamp your own
stamps, here’s a new version of an
old theme, this one’s me, is there
anybody left in the network, a
public moument, moona lisa, flame
hair, heterotopia, shining this one,
i love your lips, the political
geography of the brain, how can
you two claim to have lost
anything, markings adding up to
nothing, it is all a big hustle,
you want to be sold, ain’t got no
kodak, we are going to have to
let it all go eventually, my
brins on fire, you won’t be
finding any stars in weather
like this, keep it all from
getting bent, busy being bounced,
van mens tot mens, tomato copy-
right, what is your subtext,
good old nothing, microgesture,
dadaistic disobedience, try
to maintain reading, charred
wood, run this tape now, out of
focus for ever, ask task, mustard
cookies, every event we ever missed,
may eat not wheat, innerzone,

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