Saturday, February 28, 2009

"turning scrap paper into gold" & "do you understand these marks"

and how is our local global,
maranatha marathon, former
resident, typewriter make-ready,
time is played out, turning
scrap paper into gold, linear
half, non-parallel reality,
better typed or better
hand-written, unlimited loss,
it’s already unblank, has it
been passed, new cypresses,
the sleep of war, hockey
elle, excessity, nextcess,
there is only one poem, we are
not playing that game today,
the one and only sun, two in
one day,

one: draw a line, do you
understand these marks,
a mere day, uum j, rugged
magic, some sort of work,
hand lettered text, blank
for blank, actual cars,
swimming in mail, actual
fruit stickers, what’s on
the other tv, we lost our
former, language heist,
places we have written, you
have been ignored, inter
rupture, that boulder, in
the kitty, the books we are
about to dump, home is a
nefarious concept,

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